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Founded: Sep 19, 2010
Members: 2
By the name of its group itself, this group is searching for members and chess players in this site rating 1900 and above. This group is seeking the best among the best players in this site. This group will also help players improve more of their openings, middle games, end games, tactics and strategies, like someone said "EVERY CHESS MASTER WAS ONCE A BEGINNER". We will learn more and more and become a good chess player one day. We only play team matches and tournaments with other teams and players with rating 2000 and above also. This is one of the point why this group is created. This group also play vote chess. So join us now and be part of the BEST team ever created in this Site! click to view our homepage:http://www.chess.com/groups/home/all-star-2000-player Truly yours, RedCode


  • Online Jul 29, 2012

    Allan Castillo | Quezon City, Philippines

    Joined Club: Sep 21, 2010


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