Big Island Chess Club

109 Members
Sep 17, 2020
89 Events Played
  • Big Island Chess Club is a place to meet fellow chess players of the big island of Hawaii and friends around the world. We are excited to offer competitive play with the other islands and even online-rated USCF tournaments once we get the club established. Please spread the word and invite other players from the Big Island! 
  • We offer all forms of the great game: Daily Matchchess960, Live games and vote chess, and more.
  • NO CHEATING will be TOLERATED. No chess engines can be used during any rated chess games.
  • NO NEGATIVE OR DEROGATORY POLITICS COMMENTS are allowed to be posted anywhere. NO SPAM or Virus-link allowed! Forwarding SPAM-Virus link in Notes and GC will be automatically kick-out and ban in a chess club.