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Sep 19, 2010
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NOTE: Meeting at McAlister Deli Pass Rd. 6pm till 9 pm Meeting time at 6 pm till 9:00 pm.  Some players gets there around 5:00 pm.  All levels welcome! We do have club rating ladder. McAlister Deli (check website for direction). Call 228-918-0301 for more details. Please bring your own chess equipments, but we do have spares. Cya there CLUB ALERT: New Club ladder system has changed! RATING POINTS ARE EARNED NOT DEMANDED! Biloxi Chess Club Ladder Rating  To be updated, if time permits.     2/19/2014 (current active club members only) Cecilio Rivera Rosal  1500    new 2449 (Points earned not added yet for July Chess Campaign) Roy Nilsson    1700 (Member since 2015) David Jenkins            1645 (since 2005) Henry C.                   1629 Sharif  K                   1500   new  1549 Philip Z.                    1500  new   1575 John H                     1500    0    1500 Frank C                    1500 new  1495 Hai T                        1500 new 1545 (Not added yet) Brett                        1550 Nick                         1500 Conner                     1500 Tommy                     1500 Brett L                      1500 Jesse J.                     1500 Games in 5 minutes Wins = +1 Loss = -1 Draws = 0 Limit 20 games in 5 minutes per week, unless club fee is paid. Also you get rated when there is a free club tournament.   Games in 7 minutes or more Wins = 7 Loss = 5 Draws=2.5 Only 3 games per matches, not best of three has to be played out for rating points. IF YOUR OPPONENT DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY RATED GAMES YOU CAN HAVE YOURS RATED AS LONG AS YOU PAID THE CLUB FEE AND YOUR OPPONENT SIGN OR NOT SIGN THE CLUB SCORE SHEET FOR DOCUMENTATION(Club member or not) , OPPONENTS INITIALS SUFFICE. OPPONENT WILL HAVE NO RATING ADJUSTMENT IF THEY DON'T PAY FEE OR DON'T AGREE ON A RATED PLAY. GAMES DON'T HAVE TO BE PLAYED JUST AT THE CHESS CLUB PLAYERS CAN PLAY ANYWHERE THEY CHOOSES AS LONG AS PLAYERS GET THEIR CLUB RATING SHEET PAID DURING CLUB MEETING BEFORE LEAVING. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING OUR CHESS CLUB. BY THE WAY A PLAYER THAT DOES NOT GET RATED PLAYING AGAINST SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BE RATED IS CALLED A "HOUSE PLAYER". Any questions asked Cecil Rosal for more info.  Chess Club Ranking 2013 - 2014 Championship #1 Club Champion    Cecilio R Rosal (current) #2 Club Challenger Champion Roy N. (2015) #3 Club Challenger Champion  Hai T. (2014) #4 Club Challenger Champion  Henry C. (2013) #5 Club Challenger Walter Hammlett (2014) #6 Club Challenger David. J. (2013) (2014) #7 Club Challenger Sharif K. (2013) #8 Club Challenger Frank C. (2013) 2422 Pass Rd Unit ABiloxi, MS, 39531228-918-0301www.mcalistersdeli.comContact Email: