Church of Christ
This group is strictly for members of the church that Christ intended, which He built during His ministry here on earth, the Church of Christ! Everything we believe, comes straight from the Bible. We follow the teaching of the New Testament, and we realize that the Old Testament has been abolished, or fulfilled. We also realize that Christ will someday come back to the earth to collect the few who have chosen to believe in Him, and do His will (also God the Father’s will). The reason I saw a need for this group was because all the other religious groups here, are a mix of many different religions. I expect we will be a very small group, but we are the fair few that are eagerly awaiting Christ’s return, and will "Meet Him in the sky"! NOTE: All member will be screened, and interviewed before being accepted. This is a PRIVATE group. You are also welcome if you are interested in becoming a Christian, and are looking for guidance.