FC Metalurg Z
This group represents FC Metalurg Z fans on Chess.com. Our mission is to participate in Chess.com Champions League (TMCL) and win it one day. FC MZ is a participant of the USSR championships : “B” class (1953-1962), “A” class (1963-1969), B League (1970), A League (1971-1990), top division (1991). The best achievements: champion of Ukraine (1952, 1960, 1970), holder of the Cup of Ukraine (1951, 1952), the third place in A League (1990), the 13th place in the top division (1990). The best place in the Ukrainian championships is the 4th (2002). Semi-finalist of the Ukrainian Cup (1997, 2000). Finalist of the Ukrainian Cup (2006). Participant of the UEFA Cup 2002/2003 2006/2007
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