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A small group with big dreams Founded: Nov 1, 2008
Members: 67
VISION: Praxis Makes Perfect MISSION: In the game of chess, war is waged on 64 squares of black and white. But the real battle takes place in the mind of the player. We are a group who believe once the game begins, it should proceed by praxis - whereby theory, lesson and skill migrate in a direct line from mind to board. PRAXIS is the gathering of men and women who play chess like OTB. No external aid like books and databases when game is on. Membership by invitation and referral only. Must be 18+ and above.


  • Online 4 days ago

    Suzette Myers | San Diego, CA, United States

    Joined Club: Oct 23, 2010

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    Justin Swaine | Burlington, Canada

    Joined Club: Aug 30, 2011


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