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Newton MA Founded: Jan 16, 2013
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Newton SAT is for people in the Newton MA area wanting to learn chess to improve SAT scores. Principles of chess are learned and applied to test taking and studying. Chess puzzle and tactic drills exercise the same brain muscles as SAT test questions. Pararallels to test taking are concentration to avoid blunders, pattern recognition, using creativity and logic to find solutions, long term memory of past games/questions, improved spatial understanding, making decisions with time constaints, improvement by analyizing mistakes/learning the type of mistakes that reoccur, and applying concepts to decisions making. We believe that by teaching members the many interactive tools to learn and play chess, standardized test scores will improve. We believe that tracking games played and tactics solved is a great way to get hard data points. We believe in searching and sharing techniques/tricks to improve test scores. Newton SAT believes in having fun in the process.


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    David Gordon | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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