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Lagos Leatherbacks A Wildcard's Thumbnail

Lagos Leatherbacks A Wildcard

PROChessLeague Jan 9, 2017

The Lagos Leatherbacks are the third time from Africa, companions of the Johannesburg Koeksisters and the Abuja Rockstars. The Rockstars are also from the Leatherbacks home country of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country of 173 million, the largest in Af...

Dublin Desperadoes Represent Ireland's Thumbnail

Dublin Desperadoes Represent Ireland

PROChessLeague Jan 9, 2017

The Dublin Desperadoes are a team composed of tons of Irish talent and a top French champion enlisted as a free agent. GM Sebastian Maze is the captain of the French national team. "Seb" is a regular participant in Irish tournaments having recen...

Rio Grande Ospreys Fly From Across The Globe's Thumbnail

Rio Grande Ospreys Fly From Across The Globe

PROChessLeague Jan 7, 2017

The Rio Grande Ospreys is one of the few teams in the PRO Chess League that is, strictly speaking, not representing a city. The players, who come from around the globe, have one thing in common though: the University of Texas Rio Grande ...

The Young And Ambitious Amaravati Yodhas's Thumbnail

The Young And Ambitious Amaravati Yodhas

PROChessLeague Jan 7, 2017

The Amaravati Yodhas is one of four PRO Chess League teams from India, the origin of the game of chess itself. Situated near India's central east coast, Amaravati is the name of both a historic town and the soon-to-be capital o...

The Belgrade Sparrows Know Their Theory's Thumbnail

The Belgrade Sparrows Know Their Theory

PROChessLeague Jan 6, 2017

As the former capital of Yugoslavia and the capital of Serbia, Belgrade has a long chess tradition. Besides several grandmasters, a famous chess publication was born in this city in 1966: Chess Informant. The Belgrade Sparrows have a strong link w...

Mumbai Movers Spotlight Young Indian Talents's Thumbnail

Mumbai Movers Spotlight Young Indian Talents

PROChessLeague Jan 5, 2017

You might still know it as Bombay, but that was changed more than two decades ago. As India's largest city, Mumbai is represented in the PRO Chess League with a team of strong talents. The Mumbai Movers have two players with all the potential to...

New York Knights Rely On Experience's Thumbnail

New York Knights Rely On Experience

PROChessLeague Jan 5, 2017

The New York Knights are one of two teams are one of two teams representing the Big Apple, the city so nice they named it twice, and the city that never sleeps. Whatever your epithet of choice is, the city of New York provides a bounty of experien...

Seattle Sluggers Fill Up On Blitz Specialists's Thumbnail

Seattle Sluggers Fill Up On Blitz Specialists

PROChessLeague Jan 4, 2017

The Seattle Sluggers are a speedy and tactically aware team. With four grandmasters and a host of lower-board talent, they are capable of quick knockouts in what is shaping up to be one of the toughest divisions, the RED Division. The first...

Philadelphia Inventors Follow The Rule Of Three's Thumbnail

Philadelphia Inventors Follow The Rule Of Three

PROChessLeague Jan 4, 2017

The Philadelphia Inventors have fielded both three grandmasters and three international masters on their top boards with many excellent masters below to put together a strong and competitive team. Their "grandmaster repertoire" of GMs Andriy Vov...

GM Georg Meier Leads Stockholm Snowballs's Thumbnail

GM Georg Meier Leads Stockholm Snowballs

PROChessLeague Jan 3, 2017

The Stockholm Snowballs are one of the top-heaviest teams in the league, with three grandmasters and two 2200s, they seem committed to their lineup structure, and one expects that they will lead with three grandmasters every week. They may be...

Carolina Cobras Ready To Strike's Thumbnail

Carolina Cobras Ready To Strike

PROChessLeague Jan 2, 2017

The Carolina Cobras are a young and aggressive team of American masters. Housed in the "Queen City" of Charlotte, North Carolina, the Cobras are closely tied to the Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy. One of the finest new American ches...

Cannes Blockbusters Are Streaming Sensations's Thumbnail

Cannes Blockbusters Are Streaming Sensations

PROChessLeague Dec 31, 2016

In the home of the famous film festival, the city of Cannes adds one new blockbuster for 2017. The Cannes Blockbusters are a solid team consisting of local talent, strong grandmasters who are well-known for their rapid play, and famous YouTub...

Latvian Champions Make Riga Magicians's Thumbnail

Latvian Champions Make Riga Magicians

PROChessLeague Dec 31, 2016

The Riga Magicians are undoubtedly one of the favorites in the Green Division. The Magicians are named after the most famous Latvian player in chess history: World Champion Mikhail Tal, who was nicknamed "The Magician from Riga." The Magicians w...

A Chess School In Columbus Represents Ohio's Thumbnail

A Chess School In Columbus Represents Ohio

PROChessLeague Dec 31, 2016

Columbus, Ohio is not considered a chess capital. Rather, it is much better known as the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the fast food company Wendy’s. Yet something is quickly brewing in Columbus, and it’s not just beer. The CCL...

Great Teachers Lead Minnesota Blizzard's Thumbnail

Great Teachers Lead Minnesota Blizzard

PROChessLeague Dec 30, 2016

Minnesota is known as a hub for those who push pucks, not pawns; in fact, one of the state nicknames is the “State of Hockey.” But the Minnesota Blizzard intend to alter perceptions with a strong showing in the inaugural season of th...

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