PRO ChessKid League

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Aug 7, 2023
30 Events Played

Welcome to PRO ChessKid League!

When you join, tell us a little about yourself and if you’ve ever played on ChessKid, our kind community will be happy to welcome you!

Our Events are listed below!


This is the club to join whether you wish to play lengthy matches against teammates or just brief one-minute games! You would love to join a great many of the arenas we provide!

votechessVote Chess:

Participate in exciting intellectual competitions against other chess enthusiasts by participating in our Vote Chess events. We provide a variety of vote chess games to suit players of all skill levels, whether you're a GM or just getting started!

playhandDaily Matches:

We emphasize this classic format, so we also recognize the elegance of daily chess. Gain tactical knowledge, carefully analyze your moves, and enjoy the game's richness in a more intentional and reflective environment!


Make friends with chess players everywhere. A unique chance to study from and compete against players with varying approaches to the game is presented by PCL, providing a unique opportunity to learn from and compete against players with diverse approaches to the game!


Thank You! -  PRO ChessKid League Staff