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The ChessNuts Chess Club

The ChessNuts Chess Club

Fargo, ND Founded: Feb 28, 2010
Members: 31
The CNCC Group is a place to play, practice, and discuss chess. Members are added to The Group by invitation, after demonstrating courtesy, respect, and fairness during the course of play. Current Members are expected to display these same qualities toward all other members at all times. Group Admins ndchessnut and TheWorm encourage any and all rated and non-rated games, chess discussions and study sessions. Please contact either of us in order to organize a Group tournament or recommend another player to join the group. We reserve the right to remove posted content from The Group's site that does not conform to our standard of courtesy, respect, or fairness at our discretion.


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    Lon Larson | Fargo-Moorhead, United States

    Joined Club: Mar 1, 2010

  • Online Dec 20, 2015

    Brian Thompson | Fargo, ND, United States

    Joined Club: Feb 28, 2010


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