The Night Souls

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May 9, 2024
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The Night Souls 

Hereafter in the rules the respective phrases "my permission" 

and "the owner" will refer to the respective owner of the club, @FrierenFan21


General rules for members.

1. No advertisement, without my permission.

2. No swearing, bullying, or racism will be tolerated.

3. No sensitive, violent, or targeted material is permitted in the Notes

   or Forum sections of the club.

4. No muted person is permitted to leave then rejoin the club to evade


5. Religious and otherwise sensitive material may be posted to a forum topic

   under the permission of the owner, and all members may post such material

   in that forum topic.


Super Admin, Admin, Coordinator specific rules.

1. No banning unless any person has disobeyed the General member rules.

2. No unbanning any person without my permission.

3. No muting unless any person has disobeyed the General member rules.

4. No unmuting any person without my permission.

5. No kicking without my permission.

6. Absolutely no demotion or promotion of any members without my permission.

7. No rule adjustments without my permission.

8. Delete any advertisements that are not approved by the owner.

9. Delete any notes or forum topics that do not agree with the General member rules,

   and issue that person the respective punishment.

10. No chess games allowed to be created without the owners permission,

    unless the owner has appointed you to create chess games.


Message the owner when any mutes or bans are issued.

The muted person has permission to petition for a mute to be lifted,

via a private message to the owner.



1. Mute a person for two days after they commit second offence to the above rules.

2. Mute a person for two weeks after they commit third and fourth offence to the above rules.

3. Mute a person for one month after they commit fifth offence to the above rules.

4. Ban a person after they have committed six offences to the above rules.


Exceptions to punishment.

1. If said person has joined the club within 48 hours to the offence,

   however if the said person continues to break the rules issue the first punishment.

2. The said person has petitioned to the owner,

   however if the said person continues to break the rules issue the second punishment.


How banned members return.

Banned members will return via a vote system.

First any member in the club or the banned person, must ask for the banned person to

be granted my permission to return.


Then the owner will create a forum topic asking for a poll of the members opinion,

about the banned person returning.

Each member that will vote in favour of the person must thumbs up the first comment,

if any member does not support that person return must thumbs down the first comment.

Each member that votes must leave a worthy reason in the comments of the forum topic,

stating the reason why that member should return.


If the people in favor outweigh those not in favor, and have sufficient reasons for the


Then that person will be accepted back into the club.