Top International Team

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Feb 27, 2024
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Hi everyone! That club is for Chess fans! Join it and help us to reach our final goal : 10000 persons!

Join the Top Club Chess League:

We have many chess tournaments . Btw, I started at 400 and now in 1200-1300! Don't let others stop you!

Our Goals:

Help you to reach 2000.

Have 10000 persons.

Learn and love chess.

Just read some rules:

No spam

Dont ban persons without my permission

Be kind

Be active

No advertising 

Only super admins can advertise 

Breaking 1 of the rules 1 time is an alert, 2 times is an alert, 3 times is down to a member, 4 times is kicked out of the club 

You can maybe join the club 1 more time if you excuse to @1264a .

You can speak French and Ukranian in the chat



We make a lottery every Month for winning a place:

Member - Coordinator

Coordinator - Admin

Admin - Super Admin

Super Admin - Super Admin + Organisator of tournaments + Organisator of lottery

Co-owner: @ShawnKz