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Saturday Events Experiment's Thumbnail

Saturday Events Experiment

Martin_Stahl 24 days ago

We are going to start running some Saturday events, as discussed in the following topic: https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/possible-saturday-events Our first event with be on March 3rd starting at 11 Pacific, 2 Eastern. In honor of the...

One Year With US Chess's Thumbnail

One Year With US Chess

Martin_Stahl Mar 25, 2016

The US Chess group on Chess.com passed the one-year milestone with online US Chess rated play over the weekend. The first week after the announcement of official online rated play, the group saw more than 150 members authenticated and ready to pla...

February Special Event's Thumbnail

February Special Event

Martin_Stahl Feb 7, 2016

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 27th. Last time around this worked out pretty well so we will be trying it again. As before, this will be a manually ran event, utilizing the group forum and chat room in Live.   Time Control: 12|3Roun...

January Special Event's Thumbnail

January Special Event

Martin_Stahl Jan 1, 2016

  Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 23rd. We will be trying something a bit different than the automated tourneys. This will be a manually ran event, utilizing the group forum and chat room in Live.   Time Control: 12|3Rounds: 5Section...

New Prizes for Monday's Tournaments's Thumbnail

New Prizes for Monday's Tournaments

I'm pleased to announce that for the next three weeks, the winners of Monday's blitz tournaments will be awarded one month of Diamond Membership. But wait there's more! At random, any player who completes the tournment will be selected to ALSO re...

USCF Member Authentication's Thumbnail

USCF Member Authentication

IM DanielRensch Jan 9, 2015

Please complete the form below in order to compete in USCF online rated tournaments open only to members of this group. If you do not know your pin, check the back of your Chess Life magazine. If you do not have a Chess Life magazine, please...


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