12th Annual Brantford Food Bank Charity Chess Tournament

12th Annual Brantford Food Bank Active / chess.com
50% of entries to the Brantford Food Bank 
Sunday July 26, 2020
CFC Rated Active (CFC Membership required)
5 Rd Swiss / 25 + 5
Open Section with class prizes 
(Unrated players not eligible for class prizes)
Cash prizes in all sections (CFC rating determine prizes)
Games Start at 10:30 am / Join at 9:30 am
Registration cut-off 8:30 am 
(Please note I will accept your request upon receiving the EFT)
CFC Membership Required / If expired before March 1, 2020
CFC membership price various by province 
(Which can be added to EFT below)
EFT:  brantchessca@gmail.com $40 ( -$5 Jr. U18 / Sr. 65+ / Female)
Thank-you  Lee Hendon
Please Stay Safe