2022 County Championship Cup


****Please note that in the County Championship rules, a player can only play for one team for the entirety of that seasons match (including the Open League, Cup, U1600 and U1200). Therefore by playing in a match you are committing to the team for all 2022 competitions. If you do play for more than one club any matches not for your designated team will be forfeited. I hope to welcome you to the team for another season. Thanks everyone***

Below is the longly awaited draw for the 2022 County Cup.The last 16 teams of the 2021 cup plus Yorkshire and Gloucestershire as the highest finishers in the 2020 league not among those 16,  get a bye to round 2.   

All the round one games and those round 2 games where both teams are known can be set up to start on the 7th of August.   Matches will have up to 4 months to reach a conclusion or when a team reaches an unassailable lead they will go through to the next round - please see rule 15 of the 2022 rules for full details.

Please set up the challenges as below…

  • Match Name: "CC22 Cup [Round] [Team 1] [Team 2]" (e.g., “CC22 Cup R1 Yorkshire vs Sussex”)
  • Description:  Can be left blank or a link to this group
  • Game Type: Standard Chess
  • Days per Move: 3
  • Rating Range: Min: none; max: none
  • Minimum Games: 0
  • Players per Club: Min:4   Max: leave free
  • Concurrent Games: 2
  • Start Date: Round 1 and Round 2 matches that are ready to start: 7th August. Other rounds about 7 days after the challenge is sent  Start Time: any time you like
  • AUTO-START: off
  • Games are RATED: on

Round 1

Match A:  London vs Royal County of Berkshire

Match B: Edinburgh-Lothian vs Warwickshire

Match C: Wiltshire vs Bedfordshire-Northamptonshire 

Match D: Province of Ulster vs Suffolk

Match E: Cornwall County vs Lancashire L&L

Match F: Highlands and Islands vs Aberdeenshire

Match G: The Isle of Man vs Buckinghamshire

Match H: Renfrewshire vs Team Lincolnshire

Match I: Ayrshire-BDG vs Leicestershire and Rutland

Match J: Nottinghamshire vs Hertfordshire

Match K:  Essex vs Tayside 

Match L:  Lanarkshire vs Cefn Gwlad Cymru

Match M: Staffordshire vs Northern Knights

Match N: Oxford Ospreys vs Devon

Round 2


Match 1 : Glamorgan vs Winner F

Match 2 : Yorkshire T vs Winner E

Match 3 : Winner G vs Winner C

Match 4 : Winner J vs Winner A

Match 5 : Winner N vs Winner L

Match 6 : Winner K vs Cheshire

Match 7 : Team Connacht vs Gloucestershire 

Match 8 : Hereford-Worcs-Shropshire vs Surrey

Match 9 : Somerset W vs Sussex

Match 10 : Winner H vs Channel Islands

Match 11 : Birmingham  vs Winner I

Match 12 : Winner B vs Hampshire

Match 13 : Dorset vs Cambridgeshire 

Match 14 : Derbyshire vs Norfolk

Match 15 : Munster vs Winner D

Match 16 : Kent Checkmates vs Winner M


Round 3


Match 17 : Winner of Match 6 vs Winner of Match 11

Match 18 : Winner of Match 10 vs Winner of Match 16

Match 19 : Winner of Match 12 vs Winner of Match 2

Match 20 : Winner of Match 13 vs Winner of Match 4

Match 21 : Winner of Match 14 vs Winner of Match 15

Match 22 : Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 8

Match 23 : Winner of Match 9 vs Winner of Match 3

Match 24 : Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 7


Round 4


Match 25 : Winner of Match 19 vs Winner of Match 22

Match 26 : Winner of Match 20 vs Winner of Match 23

Match 27 : Winner of Match 17 vs Winner of Match 21

Match 28 : Winner of Match 24 vs Winner of Match 18


Round 5


Match 29 : Winner of Match 27 vs Winner of Match 25

Match 30 : Winner of Match 26 vs Winner of Match 28




Match 31 : Winner of Match 30 vs Winner of Match 29