4th A Team Match. Win 8.5-1.5 v Aberystwyth Univ (2020 World Chess League) Friday 6pm July 17th 2020


A team wins again yesterday. 8.5-1.5!! The UK Patzers are showing signs of pure ability and strength. What a manager they have.

Manager Bullock rested all the big guns for this week to plan ahead for the big 3 games left. This win moved us up to 6th place out of 98 teams! Well done to John and Adam who both won there games 2-0! Charlie took a tactical draw to take his rating below Adams for future matches 🙄😳😆.

I even let 2 B players play on this match and they both did great. Getting 3/4 for the team. They had to go through qualifying to make the team and went into the match on form and confidence high. Well done Bill getting 2-0.

Harder match next week guys I’m sure and we need all big boys. I will be bringing a tape measure.

Charlie Nettleton 1.5/2 2nd Cap 3.5/4

Adam Taylor 2/2 2nd Cap 3.5/4

John Naylor 2/2 3rd Cap 6/6

Martin Gawne (1st cap!) 1/2

Bill Upton (1st cap!) 2/2

Others...  Marcus 2.5/4 Oliver Gill 2.5/4  Lee 2/2  Matt 2/4  Keith 0.5/2  Peter 0/2   (11 players used)