5th A Team Match. A Team Wins 6-4 v Randburg A (2020 World Chess League) Friday 6pm July 24th 2020


UK Patzers A win again yesterday. This time a 6-4 win v one of South Africas best teams. Randburg A :)


Board - score/match - caps - overall score! 

1. Keith 1/2      2nd cap 1.5/4

2. Adam 0.5/2  3rd cap 4/6

3. Charlie 1/2   3rd cap 4.5/6

4. Oliver 1.5/2  3rd cap 4/6

5. John 2/2      4th cap  8/8


The game was on the Chess Heroes commentary and before our game they played the national athems. But instead of "god save the queen" which I hate they played "Its coming home" The football song haha. Was quite funny.

A team now won 4 of 5 games and if we win the last 2 we may have a chance of winning the whole thing. And I wont be resting anymore players no matter who we play now. That was too close. John Naylor now won 6 out of 6 games!! happy.png Although some of his moves on the commentary nearly gave the commentators heart attack haha.

And the commentary video.


Others... Marcus 2.5/4  Lee 2/2   Bill 2/2   Matt 2/4  Martin 1/2   Peter 0/2 (11 players used)


I think - only have 3 caps, with 4/6 points?

Chicken_Nuggies wrote:

I think - only have 3 caps, with 4/6 points?

Ah you are correct. I somehow gave you a cap and a 2-0 score v that team that didnt show up. but remember you didnt play. Somehow missed a half somewhere. Need to go back and re edit the forum posts and make sure i compare each oe happy.png


Plsu confusion over you got the default win that game where opponent cheated so gave you 2-0 for that.