A beautiful Story


A Beautiful Story

by Tayyab Khan on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 2:11pm

One day of the many days there was a man traveling on the trip with his wife and  kids and on the way he met someone standing in the road way.So he asked him ; Who are you? He said i am the money.So the man asked his wife and kids should we take that man money with us? They all together said yes because he will help them in getting anything they wants to have with money they can get everything they desired for,So they took the money to ride with them and the vehicle continued its way until the man met until the man met someone else on the road  So the man asked who are you He said i am high position and power So the father asked his wife and kids to take that man with them as well as that man can help them from getting out of any trouble possible with his power and status the family said Yes take him on the ride as well So they taken high position and power with them and continued the ride and during their trip they enjoyed a lot and gets everything of what they desired for as the have money and high position and power with them until they met one person on the way.The father ask him Who are you He said I am Deen (Islam) So the father his kids and wife all together said no to him together that we will not take him on the ride because this is not the time we are enjoying here and we desire the pleasure of this world which we are getting with him he will prevent us from these pleasures and ban us from these things and it will take control over us and we will be warn out again and again by him from being loyal to its learning and he will puts a lot of burden upon us by telling us to eat halal do not eat haram and this thing prayer and that thing hijab and and and and etc,It will be a huge burden upon us The father said we will definitely return return for you to pick you up but only when we enjoy this life and everything in it So they left him behind and the vehicle continued its trip and out of nowhere something appeared in the middle of the road It was a check point and it has a sighn saying Stop!!! and they found a man gesturing in the fathers ear to get out of the vehicle So the man said to the father the trip has ended as far as you are concerned and it is upon you to get out and come with me. The father was shocked with fear and did not said a word So the man said i am searching for the man Deen-e-Islam Is he with you? He answered i have left him not to far back So if you let me go i can get him back for you,The other man said now its not the time your trip is ended you cant go back to get him returning is impossible.The father said I have the money and high position and power my wife and kids are with me The man said to him they will not help you nor protect you from Allah.Not one bit! and you will leave all of this and not one of them will help you now except that Deen-e-Islam the one which you left back on the road So the father asked who are you to tell me these things the man said I am Death The one man which you were needless of you did not took him on the ride with you in your trip.The father looked at his vehicle and found his wife taking control and continuing the trip with all of his passengers but none of them stayed with him and none of them helped him in any way.Moral, Do enjoy your life but dont left your deen for any trip of your life.



For those whose relegion is not Islam take their relegion in Place of it the topic is just about loving God


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