3rd A Team match. A Team wins 8-0 by default v Harvard University. Sat. 11th July


only 2 players showed up from Harvard. Very sad.

Our top 2 faced there top 2 And Keith lost 1-5-0.5 to NM Andrew Lu. 2489 blitz rated player so no pushover. Keith had not taken Lee's advice of having a bacon and egg sandwich before the game and couldnt concentrate due to receiving some new high heals in the post. (sentimental reasons only of course) Rumours also that he was on the phone to his harem. grin.png

Marcus however played a great game v a 1780 fide with a beautiful sacking mating attack. He also dominated the 2nd game to get his first 2 wins for the patzers.


Keith 0.5/2  (1st Cap!) 0.5/2

Marcus 2/2! 2nd Cap 2.5/4

Charlie 2/2 wins by defaults (1st Cap!) 2/2

John 2/2 wins by defaults 2nd Cap 4/4


John and Charlie were out boards 3 and 4 and they took the evening off and I arranged a Limo to take them to the Turkish steam rooms and organised some lovely fit ladies to meet them there. They seemed happy with this arrangment. Sure they would of prefered to play Chess though. happy.png 


Others...  Oliver Gill 2.5/4  Adam Taylor 1.5/2  Lee 2/2  Matt 2/4 Peter 0/2    9 players used.