Admitting new members to this Federation


Now that we have a small federation, I think we should discuss how many other memers should be admitted, and what are their qualifications.

1) My suggestion is 5-6 members max.

2) I'm aware of two members here who are also on the bulldog chess federation (Martin0 and me). As for requests for new admissions here, I think we should give a preference to members who are already NOT on the bulldog committee (except in exceptional cases). (bulldog has: Martin0, Fly-Eagles-Fly, aidanB1, vickalan, Waredude, Junebug444).

3) Other criteria?

Suggestions: I would like to suggest offers be made to (1) Naviary, and (2) thegreatauk to join this federation. Naviary has written some code which is really interesting for making chess diagrams for boards which can be scaled or extended in any direction. He's played several games, proving out his software. I like thegreatauk simply because he is rated as a "Candidate Master" (in chess). Being from New Zealand is also very cool (helps with worlwide diversification).

Let me know if you guys agree or have other suggestions. If we don't make criteria soon, we may get requests to join soon, without any basis to reject of approve.


After we get six? members, new members would be admitted only if there is a retirement, or someone becomes inactive. (a suggestion).


I agree on thegreatauk. I don't know anything about Naiary really.


 How about not allowing anybody on the committee who has committed 2 or more offenses. (Commenting on ongoing games, etc.) Also just a suggestion.


Agree on both points.

Check out this game of infinite between Naviary and Holograph.
It became ridiculous because chess pieces were making moves like:
and other weird stuff. But Naviary's software just kept track of all piece moves.

Big credit for his software prowess!happy.png


Naviary sounds good to me. @thegreatauk is also fine and already a member here.

After that we have 5 members and I don't think we need more. Having an odd number is good, so we don't get an equal vote (like 3 vs 3).


Icositetrachoron asked to join. With only four members, and some who might not be active, I'm OK to admit him. He seems motiviated and polite. Please let me know if anyone objects.

Also, our SuperAdmin (SuperSam1) hasn't seemed to be active anywhere for a long time.


@SuperSam1 was last online in February

@Naviary is temporarily gone and we expect him to be back June 2021

@thegreatauk should be active, but I haven't seem him show interest in infinite plane recently. Best for him to speak for himself though.

@captaintugwash is not a member, but someone I would consider inviting.


I don't know anything about @Icositetrachoron. If you think he is reasonable then I don't mind him joining.


Thanks Martin for your comments. Since I posted my question you're the only one who replied, which means we don't have a lot of "active" or talkative members.

I also agree with you that captaintugwash would be a good member in this club. If I admit both (Tug and Icositetrachoron) then it means we would have you, Auk, Tug and Icositetrachoron and me as active (5). Nav is expected to return later, but maybe by that time we'll have a retirement.

So, any (final) objections for me inviting both Tug and Icositetrachoron to join?


I admitted both @captaintugwash and @icositetrachoron to this Federation. This is seven total members, which is more than target, but since one member is barely active (SuperSam1) and another is on a long-term hiatus (Naviary) I think it's ok for now.

Plus there's not a lot of discussion lately. If any new topics or tournaments start-up, then I hope there's at least a few to be in the discussion.

Thanks to all members in this club who are active and reading this.😀

And welcome to our new members  captaintugwash and icositetrachoron to the Federation. (the rule-making and dispute-resolution club for "Chess on an Infinite Plane").😀😊😀


May I ask what the requirements are to join?

just curious


To be honest, this club isn't very active, mainly because there's not too many people playing infinite chess, so there's not a strong need for the Federation to do anything.

But if the game becomes more popular, we may eventually need to revise or update membership to people who are (1) knowledgeable of rules (2) able to help resolve disputes in games (3) able to help make a tournament system and candidate selection to decide the World Champion (4) has enough time and interest to post here and help with what is going on, which currently isn't too much.

Btw, there's currently 7 members in this club, but at least 3 aren't active. Naviary is on a hiatus (personal work he is doing in Canada), but I feel he will come back. I may eventually see if some members are interested voluntarily resigning, and we can possibly consider admitting new members then.

Remember, there is also the general club (here) which is pretty much open to all discussion (and even that club is not too active).


Thank you