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Alekhine Defense Fail...

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    Ok, I won... I know i didnt do it right, the game is full of blunders and mistakes. I did the game analysis of chess.com and the gran total of mistakes, blunders and inaccuracis are like 35%... Why i tell u this? Because i whant to get better and i would like you guys to tell me what i did wrong in the biggining and what i can do next time :D... Thanks in advance!

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    Another game with the Alekhine Defense... This time I played a lil better!! Please comment!!... He resign

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    Let's start with the first game:


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    Thank You very much!! Really Really Thank you!!... I am playing another game vs. a 1700 player right now, and i used the alekhine defense, when i finish the game i posted here to see what i did wrong, if anything :P... Or u can see the game by ur self and comment about the moves until now, nothing about what can happen or anything about moves i can do etcetera, only about the opening :D... Thanks!

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    Alright, here you go:

    Sry but I couldn't talk about the last few moves without talking about middlegame plans, and that would result in me breaking Chess.com rules.

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    Yes I know, I only want to know opinions about openings hehe... Thanks again!!!

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    This exact position was actualy played by Alekhine himself. Until the move d5... In the game with Alekhine the oponent capture with the "e pawn". I'm going to look up the game and post it here! Thanks again!

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    Well Alekhine is the expert.  Who am I to argue with him?

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    Haha yes... But I like ur explenation anyway!! I need to practice the defense.

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    here.  I'll challenge you to a game with you as black.

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    I have tracked this conversation,agree with most of all comments,just dont understand who is Rumpelstiltskin and who is Jonravid

    In my opinion 3...Nb4 "create" this game and better white player will take advantage out of that

    Like In game with Alexbro 1964,after 3...Nb6,white plays 4.Bf7+ and i  lost  very soon 

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    hahaha... My name here was jonravid then I change it to Rumpelstiltskin. Sorry about the confusion! 


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