Archived shows?


I found two episodes of Melik & Me through the video library.  Are there more shows?  If so, how to find them.

Also, when is the show usually broadcast and/or is there a notification of when it will be?

newawr  For a listing and times of shows. As to archived shows, I am under the impression there are none. That is a shame I'm sure all will agree. You would think there is a way to do it.


i think the first two shows were archived but then it stopped


Thanks; I checked out the schedule and didn't see a Melik & Me show listed for the next few months.

I really like the concept behind Melik & Me--Melik has a really good teaching style.  Hopefully, they will get past episodes in the video library and some kind of schedule for the future.


Melik is an excellent teacher and I really like how the show works, I hope they put past episodes in the video library. 


Melik and me is a great show very instructive