are you a leader or assistant


you are in a zombie apocalypse and you are stuck with survivors in a mall. you are brave person so you are not afraid of the zombie. Near the mall you have a safe zone full of people who are safe . But there is a problem there is a zombie hoard outside . Thankfully you have guns like pistols and ak-47 and melli weapons like axe, sword and one Aaron the mall guard suggest that we sent a decoy vehicle away with a bunch of people and the rest go safely. JEO the army veteran says that we go head to head and put the brave people and the mall guards up front on foot. One child say that we can make armoured vehicles and put guns on the top of them and slaughter all the zombie in the city then go safely. so what's your answer either choose or say your answer and One more thing ZOMBIES ARE ATTRACT TO NOISE LIKE GUN SHOOTS, VEHICLES AND ANY OTHER NOISE MADE BY PEOPLE