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Auburn vs Alabama. Who will win?

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    This is one of the highly awaited games in SEC (or even in US).

    Who do you think will win?

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    it's often ranked between the 2nd and 5th biggest rivarly in the country. As a memeber of the UA system I guess I support Bama even though I hate football

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    Hmmm, may be not.. They couldn beat LSU, beating Auburn would prove to be tough.

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    I honestly have to say that Auburn should win... Not that I won't be rooting for Alabama every second of the game. 

    I'm also going to watch it with some Auburn fans... Hurray for masochism! 

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    hahaha Neutral boy here again, gonna watch it on the big screen at UAB and cheer for the refs.

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    War Eagle, I pulling for my auburn Tigers, but realize it could be anyones game

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    she's showing team spirit......

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    Indeed. LOL. 

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    probably one of the worst attmepts at a joke I've done and it's still a bit funny


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