August 2014 Issue


So much fun!

One of our youngest ever contributors is also one of our highest rated ever in GM Robin van Kampen this month! Robin reviews games from Biel, Dortmund, the ACP Championship AND one of his own games from the Dutch Championship.

Engaging with Robin via email, I had to tell him to do *less* analysis rather than more Tongue Out, as he really enjoyed diving into the games of Caruana from Dortmund (but then again, given Fabiano's play, who wouldn't). Can't miss that. My favorite part of this month's magazine this month for sure. 

Yermo Strikes Again (should be the sequel name to Star Wars Episode VII???) with a detailed breakdown of "The Bent System" played by Kasimdzhanov recently... and in his normal "Yermo Style" Wink he provides as many stories and "history lessons" as we allow him to along the way! We only have to censor his "non-PG-rated" versions of the tales!

First time contributor, GM Dlugy also wrote a brilliant piece that *EVERY CHESS.COM MEMBER* should want to read. He talkes about the best openings for Blitz and reviews top games from the World Blitz and Rapid Champs Dubai. 

Question for Maxim? What would you say the best blitz openings are for ONLINE blitz play specifically, or do you apply the same logic you explained in the Bulletin article as far as what makes a good blitz opening? 

GM Bartek Macieja was honest and forthcoming in his Beyond the Board interview. Enjoyed his answers on his organization (The Association of Chess Professionals - and you can see their website here

If I HAD to choose between Arthur and Robert's regular columns as far as which was my favorite this month, I'd have to go with Arthur (sorry Robert). His "Mysterious Bishop" and history lesson involved therein was enlightening!

IM Lilov comments on his tips for beginners (great for lower rated members here) while Roman does more member game analysis! PLEASE SUBMIT MORE GAMES TO BE ANALYZED HERE:

AND you MUST include some analysis work of your own!

Thanks team! Your favorite parts? First person to guess my favorite tip of Lilov's 5 gets a 3 month subscription Wink -- don't you love Danny's subjective contests? Tongue Out

Ready, Freddy, Go! 


I'll guess #1 - Cubs finish next year.


I guess tip no. 2 :)


Ok, so number 5




You love them all!

DanielRensch wrote:

Engaging with Robin via email, I had to tell him to do *less* analysis rather than more

Cry  i liked van kampen's analysis for the bulletin it was quite thorough.  also liked his KID series for chess24.


Fantastic advice Max! Thanks so much! For me too it helps!


Oh, and it's #2 of course! Never retreat! Never surrender!

The only other acceptable answer was "Trick question, you didn't like any of the tips Tongue Out" but no one got that one!

Congrats Kolems! Message me your email!