Book Recommendation


Hi all,

Just thought I'd give you all a "heads-up" on a new book I'm about 70% of the way through: it's called, "Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger" by Sherry Colb.

Each chapter is based around a typical question that vegans hear from non-vegans regularly. Colb breaks each question down to its moral bedrock, and begins constructing her argument from there, and always with the goal of helping the two see eye-to-eye across the ideology gap, even if the conclusion is uncomfortable for the NV.

It's also a great source of information for those thinking of changing their lifestyle to one that is as cruelty free as possible.

In tone and style, I'd say it was a companion piece to J S Foer's Eating Animals, in that it's very easy to read. And for that reason, it will be the book I recommend to people thinking of making the leap (as well as a number of cook books of course!).

Highly recommended!

(Upcoming on my vegan reading list: Food Choice and Sustainibility and The Modern Savage (non-fiction) and The Awareness (Fiction) - though if anyone has read these, let me know your view.)