Challenge Ladder


I have launched a club ladder to encourage some more informal social chess, whether it be meeting up to play a ladder game over coffee, in the library, at club or on any online site. Have some fun and send your results through and I'll update the ladder Daily  

To join the ladder email or message me @ScottAStewart on with your name and handle

The following are the rules for the Ballarat Chess Club Ladder. 

  1. New players can join the ladder at any time. They start at the bottom of the ladder.
  2. Ladder games may be played at any time at any location on or offline by mutual agreement.
  3. Players must accept all valid challenges. However, a player may decline a challenge if they have already accepted a challenge that week starting Sunday.(That does not include having a challenge accepted.) Ladder adjustments will occur daily in order of the results being reported.
  4. If a valid challenge is not responded to within 3 days the challenger can claim a win.
  5. You can challenge any player within 2 ranks of your current rank (Example: you are #8, then you can challenge #7, #6) Challenges can be made in person or by message.
  6. The challenger chooses whether to play black or white.
  7. Default time controls 15 minutes per side or any time control by mutual agreement.  
  8. If the challenger wins, the players switch places on the ladder else nothing happens. Email result to
  9. If a player does not play a ladder game over a period of  two weeks, starting at the third week they will move down 3 ranks for each subsequent week of inactivity. If they are already at the bottom of the ladder, their name will be removed. The player can later rejoin the ladder in the future as a new player if he/she chooses.

Current Ladder

  1. Scott Stewart

2. Rob Loveband @AustraliaRob

3. Paul Dao @pauldao3

  1. Patrick Cook @peacook
  2. Jasan Barnett @dominicgaj

6. Rory Brooker @rrbk