Colby's study plan


Hi, I started my beginner 1 on 28/6/22 with the goal of improving quickly in chess. Ive tried some methods but with no luck, I decided to force myself to check this out. Goal : 2000 in 18 months.

Day 1 (week 1)

Daily game : started a 3day game

Solve five puzzles : 5 correct, and 2lichess(1786)

Play one rapid game : played 10m, 1-0 (current rating: 1005)

Opponent ran out of time (and I also think I won unfairly), I was able to think deeper into more moves and calculate with more time. Though I still play more blunders when Im playing on compared to lichess. I hope to improve more.



Blitz : 772

Rapid : 1008

Daily : unr(800)

Puzzles : 1149(

Puzzles : 1786(lichess)


Day 2 (week 2)

Daily game : Opponent hasnt moved yet. Still waiting.

Solve five puzzles : 4 correct, and 1lichess(1796)+10

Play one rapid game : played 15+10, Lost 1-0 (current rating: 977)-28

Opponent playing my rapid game was very friendly and made the game enjoyable. I missed a move(en passant) to escape M1 and walked into a blunder. Definitely wont miss an en passant next time and will not overthink and hang pieces. Also Im only playing 3 puzzles because I dont have premium and also I would like to solve lichess puzzles to balance my ratings on both platforms. Hoping to improve more!! happy.png


Daily game : Opponent still hasn't moved, probably a good time to start a different game.

Solve five puzzles : 4 correct, and 1lichess(1783)-13

Play four blitz games : played 4 5+5, 1 won, 2 lost and 1 drew. (current rating: 774)+2

I only won once because my opponent made a bad blunder. I'm hanging pieces in shorter time controls and I'd like to learn how to develop a strategy for attacking or defending. I'm happy with the two points I've gained today.



Daily game : Decided to start a new game.

Solve five puzzles : 3 correct, and 2lichess(1807)+24

Play one rapid game : played 1 15+10, Lost 0-1 (Current rating: 903)-73 sad.png

I made a blunder that immediately turned the game into a losing one for me. I also missed a move to block a checkmate. I am hoping to improve more and win tomorrow.


Ive just noticed that I'm only supposed to update the post once per week. Sorrysad.png


Day 7 (week 1)

Blitz : 780 [+8]

Rapid : 918 [-90]

Daily : 800(unr) [=]

Puzzles : 1319( [+170]

Puzzles : 1833(lichess) [+47]


Ive noticed that sometimes when I play, I play the game really accurately. I just need to learn how to be more consistent because most of the time, I see blunders only after moving my pieces. Im happy with my results after a week.