County Championship


Happy New Year Everyone

Its been two months since i suggested a revamp of the county championship and i was not sure what the response would be, but roll on two months and we are just a couple of weeks from the start of the tournament, there are 24 counties in three groups entered which is great for the first year in this format.

I am writing to you now with all the final details, All the fixtures have been finalised, the links to these are

Group A Open League.

Group A Under 1800 League.

Group B Open League

Group B Under 1800 League

Group C Open League

Each match in the open league in group A and B will need a minimum of 5 players The other Leagues will need a minimum of 3 players.

The matches need to be set out like this please

Match Name County Championship,Open or Under 1800,County v County

Players Per Team  Min 1        Days Per Move 3

Auto Start No                       Rated Yes

Rating Open or Max 1799 for Under 1800 Matches

Concurrent Games per Opponent One

The First Challenges should be sent out on by the Home Team on the 13 th January 2011

I will be putting out new pages on the forum site for Links, Results and Tables in the next couple of weeks so when the matches begin could you send a link for each game on the links page.

My resolution is to keep you informed with up to date results and tables so that the tournament runs smoothly.

I would like to thank Donna for helping in running this tournament and for giving me all the support that was needed, without that this would not have happen.

I hope you all enjoy this competition and may the best teams win there Leagues.

If you have any problems or any ideas about the county championship please get in contact with me or Donna.



Looks good to me.