Do you have a Chess Study Plan for improvement?


Do you have one? If so, let's hear it!


Nothing here, I really want to but I just don’t know where to start.


I dont have one, I should study tactics tho



Today Friday 19 at 10pm European central time Cheese the moderator is going to stream on discord some chess. Follow the stream if you're low rated, it will be instructive.



Here's a Study Plan I'd like to try out:

1 Classical game or 3 rapid games per week

2hrs of blitz chess w/ an increment (ex 3/2 or 5/5) a week

Analyze all games

10mins per day of puzzle rush

45mins of calculations puzzles per week

Rotate 45mins of endgame/opening/strategy study per week



I analyzed all of my blitz games when i was climbing from 700-2100 and learned as much as I can from my play, watched a lot of videos of GM blitz games & analysis, comparing my thoughts from theirs

Now I’m just fixing up holes in my repertoire and learning new openings from books & courses happy.png


I am planning to read chess books and am already half way through 'Bobby Fischer teaches Chess'. 


nah i just got a coach and improved my rating



School Chess 


Has anyone tried or is doing the Woodpecker Method?

Mpokoli wrote:

Has anyone tried or is doing the Woodpecker Method?

I'd like to try it. I'm currently just doing puzzles


I like to analyse my games as soon as I’ve played then and sharpen up on endgames and middlegame tactics every now and again. If anyone has found any cheap effective courses, let me know ASAP please .