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family CREST forum

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    hello team. i want to start a forum where everyone can display thier crest. as avatars they are difficult to view. so it would be nice to have them a little larger to see better. also you can leave family info. and mottos here. if you don't have yours i will be glad to help look it up for you. i hope to see many crest and family facts here.  peace TC

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    the name carroll derives from the name Cearbhaill'. it stands for warlike champion. it is from the clan Cian. the lions hold up the magic sword of Eile. our motto is    In Fide in et Bello Fortis.  translates to strong both in faith and war. we migrated from ireland and landed in quebec and nova scotia. the helmet has an oak stump and a hawk or falcon perches there.                                        ( My first vehicle to view My next my first does often do And these together form a name Are now alas! unknown to fame But when of Clontarf's unsanguined plain Fair Ireland's truimph o'er the Dane When mighty Brian's valor high Led forth the chiefs to victory Then was my war cry heard afar Where blazed the fiercest of the war And greatly to my aid they say was due the triumph of that day)

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    Motto :  Dum  Spiro  Spero

    While  I breathe,  I have hope.

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    nice thanks for joining me here!  i love the motto!  my mothers maiden name was jones.

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     would love to see more of the crest and family details. please join in and show you pride in the name.  peace and respect  from  TC these are also some of my families crest on my mothers side. this one is my grandmothers maiden name on my dads side.

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     here is a link that has the 500 most common crest. if yours is not there it doesn't mean you don't have one. hope this helps some of the team. enjoy http://coatofarmsplaques.com/500-most-common-coat-of-arms-plaques/ 

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    Motto translated: Ready to accomplish

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    very cool!  Cool

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    the green and white cats heads are interesting. do you know what kind of cat?

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    that is cool sarah! thanks for sharing! Cool

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    I custom designed these family crests to represent my multi-heritage & diverse lineage from both my maternal (Lepage family) & paternal (Ho'opi'iaina) family blood lines incorporating the main 8 cultures of my ancestry.  For more details you can read my 'About Me' section on my Chess.com homepage (http://www.chess.com/members/view/Master_Kaina).  I am a native born Hawaiian & citizen of the United States of America so of course my Nationality is American.

    My ancestral bloodline includes that of the Tribal Warriors throughout the Pacific Islands, the Vikings of Norway, the Celtic Druids of Ireland & France, as well as several Knights across Europe, etc. including Italy, Scotland, etc. & of course Canada & the United States of America.

    The main center crest contains 7 flags: (from left to right, top to bottom)

    State of Hawai'i (Ka Hae Hawaiʻi - which King Kamehameha redesigned to incorporate both flags of the British & American presence on the islands); Kingdom of Hawai'i; Canada; Norway; Italy; Ireland; U.S.A.

    The center shield over the crest bears the bird of the King of the Holy Empire combined with the Phoenix over the flames (symbolizing freedom from the monarch) grasping taro leaves (used for poi, a staple of Hawai'i with great spiritual properties), banana foliage, and maidenhair fern (Hawaiian flora).  The center shield over that contains the blue, white, & red colors found in several of my nationalities along with the globus cruciger (center) & 2 crowned golden lions in the corners rampant holding axes with argent blades (den norske løve).

    Atop the shields is the Royal Crown of Hawai'i.  On the crown are 8 paddles representing the 8 main islands, & 5 points representing a star topped with the Royal Badge of the Order.  To the left is Kamanawa holding a spear & maidenhair (twin brother of Kameʻeiamoku, whom were both High Chiefs & counselors to King Kamehameha).  To the right is the Goddess of Liberty holding a golden kahili in her left hand & a kapu stick with a tapa-covered ball in her right hand (Pulo'ulo'u) along with a flower behind her right ear & wearing a lei around her neck.

    Beneath their feet is a banner which reads:
    Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono ~ "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness" (Hawaiian)

    Hanging on a red ribbon behind the banner is a badge combining both Hawai’i & France.
    Beneath the badge are Royal French tapestries.

    All of the above is wrapped in a king’s robe & the 2 banners on the tied corners read:
    E Pluribus Unum ~ “One of Many” (Latin)

    Atop the robe is a combination of the French, Hawaiian, & Norwegian crown.  Behind the crown is the rising sun & “All Seeing Eye” (multiple meanings & implied context).  Centered above the crown is a Viking with a 5 pointed star positioned over his “3rd Eye” (also multiple meanings incorporating my lineage).  On either side of the crown are guards holding halberds.  The knights on either side of the robed crest are holding shields colored with the stripes from the Flag of France.  Straddling the leafy plumage on either side are the supporting English Lion (left) & Scottish Unicorn (right) as depicted on the Royal Coat of Arms of Canada.

    Below the robe is the Hawaiian Island Chain (main 8 islands) colored with the stripes from the Flag of the Kingdom of Hawai’i.  Centered between the Big Islands is Paiʻea, King Kamehameha the Great (Kalani Paiʻea Wohi o Kaleikini Kealiʻikui Kamehameha o ʻIolani i Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho Kūnuiākea) holding a spear (left) & the Goddess of Liberty (not to be confused with Lady Liberty) holding the Ka Hae Hawaiʻi (right).

    The banner below them reads:
    “Together in Honour.” (Old English).

    On either side of them is the sword Excalibur (or Caledfwlch, Caliburnus; or Escalibor upon entering French text) representing rightful rulership of ‘The Land’ as well as all the idealism behind the Arthurian legend.

    In the 4 corners is a Golden Aquila (or Eagle - which represents several of my nationalities) holding the Scales of Justice (or Truth & Fairness) along with 2 banner flags (each with the U.S. Shield upon it & a blue ribbon behind it).  All together there are 8 flags to represent my heritage: (from left to right, top to bottom)

    Italy, State of Hawai'i (Ka Hae Hawaiʻi); Ireland; Kingdom of Hawai'i; France; Canada; U.S.A.; Norway.

    I have covered the majority of symbolic meaning I chose to incorporate into my Coat of Arms, however, I did not elaborate upon all of it & I did leave out some details which you can research for yourself if you desire such knowledge.  I also made an effort to follow most of the rules of heraldic design, however, they need not be applicable until I forge the final draft of my Coat of Arms.

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    Nice work! Thanks for sharing brother!

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    tx bro Cool np

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    Hope topic is still interesting, cos I need some help.


    Here's sketch of my family's crest-those are some warriors and lions and oak leaves. I read it's supposed to be the copy of some coat of arms from Notre Dame in Paris. We also got this crest on our family tomb.


    I'm trying to find image, origin or something about original coat of arms from Notre Dame. Any ideas?


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