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Favorite Poker Game

  • #1

    I'm an Omaha and Texas Holdem Fan how Bout u guys?

  • #2

    I dig no limit or pot limit holdem, Omaha Hi lo, And Razz

  • #3

    NLHE and PLO. NL 2-7 and O8 are fun too. Meniscus, you're a sick man. They play razz in Hell you know.

  • #4

    NLHE is poker.


    I used to play Omaha HiLo fairly competently, but I have not for years.

  • #5

    99% NLHE. Trying to learn PLO. Reading everything I can find on it, but still feel like the fish at the table when I sit in.

  • #6

    NL Holdem and Razz, personally.

  • #7

    HORSE is my favorite game....I love Razz!!


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