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First Game of Bughouse

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    Hello Infinity Chess! Today we start our first game of Bughouse Chess! For those of you who don't know the rules I will post them: Bughouse chess (also called Exchange chess, Siamese chess, Tandem chess, Transfer chess, Double Bughouse, or simply Bughouse or Bug) is a popular chess variant played on two chessboards by four players in teams of two. Normal chess rules apply, except that captured pieces on one board are passed on to the players of the other board, who then have the option of putting these pieces on their board.


    The game is usually played at a fast time control; this, together with the passing and dropping of pieces, can make the game look chaotic and random to the casual onlooker; hence the name bughouse, which is slang for mental hospital. The game is traditionally played as a diversion from regular chess both over the board and online. Partners are normally allowed to talk to each other during the game. They can for instance ask for a specific piece, for more trades, ask to hold a piece, suggest moves or ask their partner to stall. Shouts like "Knight mates!" or "Give me pieces!" are common, and can lead to seemingly absurd sacrificial captures on the other board. Partners are not allowed to physically act on the other board.The match ends when either of the games on the two boards ends. If you need any more help just look up bughouse chess on the internet. First we need 4 people to participate. I will be the offical. Time control is 2 days/move and the games will be played in this forum. 



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    I will join

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    I am still learning basic chess, but what the hay, I'm in.

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    I will join as well.

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    I just need one more player...

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    I'll do it!

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    Dedrickerf and Ninjakangeroo vs 2old-2play and anteaterlover

    Dedrickerf vs anteaterlover

    Ninjakangeroo vs 2old-2play

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    dedickerf and 2old-2play are white

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    So how does bughouse get started?

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    Two boards and two partners. One of the partners is white and the other is black. You are playing white...it starts just like a normal game. Then if you capture a piece that piece becomes anteaterlovers piece and vice versa. So just start a game by clicking the thing that looks like a board in the comment maker thing and make your first move. The thing you want to select is Game or sequence of moves. Then make your first move like so.

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    I am trying to start my game, but nothing is working. I hit the board in the comment section and then the game/move, but then no board come up.

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    I trying, need help.

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    If you want just post your move and I can make the board for you.

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    e4 as my frist move.

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    ok...now 2old-2play you have the first piece to drop. anteaterlover kindly gave you a pawn that you may place anywhere but your opponents back rank. If you choose to do so then that is your turn!

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