FSVL Season 3 - Invitation


The Fortnight Speed Vote League is registering teams now for Season 3, and this group is invited to participate!!!

We play Vote Chess at 10-mins per turn.  This is an incredibly fast, exciting and intense way to play chess!!!  The entire game is played in a single day, with each team making a move every 20 minutes.  Since it is so easy to timeout at this speed, these games are scheduled in advance (usually on a Saturday) so that each team can have their players online and ready to play.  No one needs to be online for the entire game (although many choose to be), as long as there is SOMEONE online every 20 minutes to make a move.

With each team making exactly 3 moves per hour, an average game lasts 8-12 hours, although there have been a few battles that raged for more than 24 hours.  Because these games can be so time consuming, we have decided to switch to a monthly schedule so that each team will only need to play 1 game per month (starting in June).

If this group would like to play in Season 3, please go to this thread to register:


You can follow all the action in the League Headquarters (everyone is welcome to join):

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!!  I hope to see you all in Season 3!!!