Games from Team USA- Czech Republic Blitz


Unfortunately we lost today against Team Czech Republic, we probably need more players in the 2000-2400 rating range to compete and also help the lower boards. we lost 15-95

I was board #1 and while I was the underdog againt IM MartinCerveny rated 2536 in Blitz versus 2403 on my side, I tried to step up to the occasion.


First the key moments, then the games with annotations

Here I am white in Game1. Can you spot the move I played.

white to play - solution is my 29th move in the full game given below.

And here is the full game 1-0 for White as I converted the position in the diagram above. 




and then the second game where I was Black there were 2 key moments

White to play :  I just captured a pawn on a3 giving check. Do you with White move forward to g4, or backward to f2 ?


and now the second critical position 2 moves later, Black to play


Now can you guess the best move for Black ?


Hint : would you play ..Rg6 or ..Rb3 in the diagram above, and why ?


Solution given in the entire game annotated below (40th move White and 41th move Black). the end result was a draw so I ended up scoring 1.5 versus 0.5 which is probably my best match result and probably the highest rated win. 

Full game 2 here



@thechesscorner64 please keep all these analysis coming I’m learning a lot from your critical thinking! Thank you.