Green Mountain Tournament


Canceled, sorry.


The Green Mountain Tournament is an online chess tournament for active players who either currently reside or had formerly resided or work(ed) within Vermont as well as those closely neighboring or, those who otherwise have ever vacationed or, visited the state at one time or another or, anyone who seriously plan to visit or call the Green Mountain State home someday.

The tournament will be
round robin 5 > 1 format, with a max of 5 players per group and with each person playing 2 games against each of opponents in the group pairings at the same time, once the games are started.

The start day/time is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time [ET],
in order to allow for enough people to find out about and join the tournament.

To enter the tournament, a player must have finished at least five (5) games on

If enough people join to play in the tournament, once it starts, players will have seven (7) days between moves, yet as always one can make moves as often as they like within that time limit as well as live play when both players are online at the same time.

If you want to join the tournament, register today.

In addition, please also help spread the word to others who might be interested in playing as well.