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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
# Name ±Rating Status D-day Opponent Last Game Last Opp.
1 Ondier 1851 C 30Mar klipkasteel    
2 DWFouche 1880          
3 tiaanrabe 1487          
4 klipkasteel 1467 C   Ondier    
5 philhough 1554          
6 Ethan_H420            
7 connerthegreat1273            
8 DWFouche 1815          


The format will be 3 days per move, random colours with a standard starting position. 
Only one ladder game is played to determine the winner.

Your 1st challenge is "free" i.e. you can challenge anyone providing they are not already playing someone.
Thereafter you may challenge anybody up to 4 unchallenged places above you (not counting people on Vacation or people already playing a challenge game, i.e. with an X next to them).
Name your game "Ladder Challenge" or something similar, so your opponent knows it is for the ladder (if you cannot change the default name, send a message that it is  Ladder challenge).
Always post your challenge in the Forum

If the higher position on the ladder wins or game ends in a draw, no change in positions.

If the lower one wins, they take over the higher spot, and everybody in-between moves down 1 position.

You have to accept all challenges within 5 days except if:
1) you are already playing a ladder match
2) you challenged someone and are waiting for acceptance
3) it is against the same opponent as your previous game.
4) you are on Vacation

If you don't accept a ladder challenge within 5 days, your challenger assumes the position above you on the ladder. 

The positions are regularly posted in the  Ladder  forum 
C  next to your name  means you have issued a challenge or have been challenged.
An X next to your name is to show you are busy playing a ladder game
You cannot challenge someone who has an X or 
C or V next to their name.


Everyone can take vacation (up to 1 month per year).
V next to your name shows you are on vacation. If you are on vacation, you cannot be challenged. 


You should not take vacation during the game. 
In case of unforeseen situation you can take up to 3 days vacation per game.
If you take more than 3 days of vacation, your game may be forfeited
If you take vacation more than 
6 times
, your game may be forfeited. .
The decision about forfeiting a game is at the discretion of the admin.


If you want to join the ladder, post request in the forum
You have to play at least one game in the first month since joining the ladder.


If you want to leave the ladder, post request in Ladder Forum

You may be removed from the Ladder if:

a) you were not online on for more than 2 months,
b) you did not play any ladder games for more than 2 months,
c) you did not accept 3 challenges in a row (aborting the game or losing on time in less than 6 moves without explanation counts as  not accepting the challenge)
d) you left The Club
e) you joined a ladder but do not play any game in the first month.


Though the format should be 3 days per move, shorter or longer (up to 5 days) formats are permissible (both players should agree).
If you are challenged and prefer a different format or unrated game, you should ask the challenger to issue new challenge.

If you want to challenge someone, but for some reason are unable to do so (e.g. the person is not accepting challenges from higher/lower rated players), then you should send a message asking for a challenge. Then this person should:
1) Challenge you
2) Make it possible for you to challenge them.

If it happens that you have forgotten to post your challenge in the forum and someone challenges you to a ladder game, you should post your first challenge and ignore the second challenge


Please post your challenge here, then challenge the person via his.her profile to a 3 day game and name the game HCC Ladder.