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Last Updated:        
Thursday, 20 May 2021
# Name Status Opponent Last Opp.
1 Andrew Southey      
2 Mike Arnold      
3 Ethan Higham      
4 Martin Brink      
5 Shilo Noone      
6 Jonas Crookes      
7 Hennie Greeff      
8 Herman Rademeyer      
9 Philip Hough      
10 Tiaan Rabe      
11 DeWet Fouche      
12 Corrine Opperman      
13 Elizabeth Montgomery      
  Junior Section      
14 Connor Opperman      
15 Christiaan Muller      
16 Thalita Beveridge      
17 Josua Botha      
18 Samantha Brink      
19 Francois Scholtz      
20 Eliah Spires      
21 Benjamin Bester      
22 Seth Freeman      
23 Kaj Newton      
24 Marc       
25 Kaj Newton      
26 Marc Kalis      
27 Josua Frederics      


The format will be 1 day per move, random colours with a standard starting position. 
Only one ladder game is played to determine the winner. Game must be finished before every Thursday OTB games at club begin. (You therefor have ONE WEEK TO FINISH A GAME

You may challenge anybody up to 2  places above you (not counting people on Vacation or people already playing a challenge game, i.e. with an X next to them).

Always post your challenge in the Forum ALSO ON WHATSUP WITH HCC

If the higher position on the ladder wins or game ends in a draw, no change in positions.

If the lower one wins, they take over the higher spot, and everybody in-between moves down 1 position.

You have to accept all challenges  within 2 DAYS except if:
1) you are already playing a ladder match
2) you challenged someone and are waiting for acceptance
3) it is against the same opponent as your previous game.

If you don't accept a ladder challenge within 2 days, your challenger assumes the position above you on the ladder. 

The positions are r posted in the  Ladder  forum ONCE A WEEK
C  next to your name  means you have issued a challenge or have been challenged.


Though the format should be 1 day per move, shorter formats are permissible (both players should agree - NOT FASTER THAN 15 MINUTES).

If it happens that you have forgotten to post your challenge in the forum and someone challenges you to a ladder game, you should post your first challenge and ignore the second challenge


Please post your challenge here, then challenge the person via his.her profile to a 3 day game and name the game HCC Ladder.


This ladder needs to be updated  URGENTLY