How to get past 1600 Rapid


Hello, right now I'm 1590 rapid. Each time I get to 1600, I drop back down. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get past 1600 and not tilt?


I'd say learn to attack and defend even better. There's a ton of lessons and drills to help. Also, keep doing tactics, those are crucial at this level. And play games at a consistent rate; set a number of rapid games to play everyday.


study openings


Openings wont help at 1500-1700 I think tactics are the way to go


middlegame stategies. pawn structures, tactics, positional moves


You have to know opening theory and have to know tactics in your main openings.


Ok, Thanks for the advice



Opening Theory does not mean moves by rote, however. And that is a mistake many students and coaches fall into. Opening Theory is the "image" you wish to create, and 
then, practical ways to create. Tactics come from working hundreds of puzzles per week,
and for those with paid accounts, this is a wonderful site for this. However, 
the creation of superior board positions leads to superior tactics. One is the spawn of the
other. Rohan is also correct in his use of the word "main" provided of course, that the "main" is also "sound". Better to know a few openings and defenses WELL, than a little 
about a library. 
BUT, main advice I have is SLOW DOWN!! I was dismayed to see so many bright players
treating my G/25+5 regular rated online tournament last night as if it were blitz, and having more time than they started with at the end. This is simply a horrible habit for
those wishing to truly advance. 


Do you think 15|10 will help you improve instead of 10 minutes?


I recommend 15/10 


the longer the better. And what is better to actually take your time playing the 25+5 Friday

night, that is if you really wish to improve your longer game skills for future OTB G/30.


For those interestted, we will have a USCF Rated SFS Snowbound Thursday tourn today at 11am

and a Frozen Friday tournament tomorrow at 11am as most of you are out of school due to the weather


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