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I want to play Economy Chess! How?

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    1. Play Economy Chess using the software

    Download the currently available software (v1). This is the first version of the software. Version 2 is currently being built. See below for details on how to play other people using the software.

    2. Play Economy Chess on the board

    There are two ways to play the game on the board:

    1) use the online timer application 
    - works in any browser and on any smartphone
    - requires internetconnection to open the page. After opening the application works without being connected to the internet. 
    - you also need a chessboard + 2 sets of pieces and a tokens (can be printed or use tokens from other games)  

    2) Use the print and play
    To play Economy Chess in real life you'll have to take a couple actions:

    - download the Print and Play documents and print them out
    - get a chessboard + 2 sets of pieces

    Set up the pieces normally and place a marker of your color next to every piece. Use the scoresheet to keep track of the economy. It does take some time to note down.

    3. Join the ladder (ongoing tournament) to test your skills

    When the next version of the game is released, a ladder will start. Its a tournament where you can join and leave any time. Try to climb the ladder by defeating others. Players of various ratings have signed up!  

    Please note:
    Economy Chess v2 is an offline desktop game. You can play Economy Chess against others in several ways:
    - With a friend sitting behind the same computer (local game)
    - Correspondence Chess: email or message your opponent a move. You can save and load your active games.
    - Play a 'live' game. Go to a chatroom or use a messenger (e.g.: facebook messenger or this group's
    chatroom) to communicate real time. You'll have to send each move manually. 

    * Unfortunatly you can not: 
    - play on a live server, like here on chess.com
    - play against a computer AI

    Printable tokens:


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