Iksha's Intermediate Study Plan


Hello All,

This is my first update so, day 1.

As, a warm-up, 1. 30 mins, Puzzle rush and Puzzle Battle

2. 2 hours Opening

3. 2 hours Puzzles

4. 2 rapid games

5. Analysis of games

6. 3 Blitz games

I'll update this after 2 days

Bye and Have a Good Time with Chess Practice!


Dang, 7 hours a day on chess???

Good luck 


Yeah, it should be 7 and a half


Hey there!

My second update, so as it is after 4 days, day 5

As a resident of India, Maharashtra, my states and nationals are swiftly approaching.

I am in U-12 so, my state tournament starts on the 12th of June.

I am also playing in the U-14 category for practice, so I have changed my schedule for chess.

Puzzles- 2 hours

Lessons (On 1 hour 30 mins

Games (Rapid)- 3 games

Games (Blitz)- 3 games

Game analysis- 1 hour or more.

Analyzing my next round opponents games- 1 hour.

And a bit of opening and endgame prepartion


Ok, guys! That's it for another 5 days!

And do try the Diamond Membership for the Lesssons cause my 25% improvement is because of them.

Have a good day happy.png happy.png

See ya soon


Hi friends!

My third update, as it is after 5 days, Day 9

I'll start with my usual Puzzle Battle - 15 mins

Watching my opponent's games- 30 mins

Opening preparation- 30 mins

Watching lessons on 30 mins

My state tournament- 5 hours 30 mins

All my game analysis- 1 hour

Ok, guys! So, as today is the last day of my state tournament, I'll update you all tomorrow.

Bye! Have a good day with chess practise happy.png happy.png