Introduce Yourself


Hello Everyone my friends! wink.png

My name is Anthonj Pilloni, almost 40 years old from Turin Italy, Anthon-J with the J because in the distant 80s in which I was born, at the registry office of my city Turin, someone was wrong to register it and then in my life I made it my own peculiarity. If you want to know more about me, check my profile! Nice to meet you and if you want to be my friends you are welcome!
I have alot of Americans friends and from all over the world, Masters too and i played with them too.

Honored and Proud to be in an American Team and Community..Like in a big Family.

Yes, because I ever loved America since I was a kid watching the American TV series transmitted here in Italy in the 80s-90s and dreams about this great and wonderful country..for me you are all brothers and sisters! For me, all the world is brotherhood wink.png

I will do my best to make a positive contribution, with courage and enthusiasm since tonight with Chile! And just talking about Chile, if you love music like me, you will surely appreciate Juga, an Extraordinary Artist who writes and sings Chess songs..this is her Club on  

Thanks for accepting me into your wonderful team, I wish you a nice day and Life!

Best wishes And Forza Team USA Live for everything you will do! ForEver! wink.pngthumbup.png


Thank you very much for joining Team USA Live, the greatest team in the Live Chess World League and Live Chess Pan-American League! We are glad you're here, and we hope you enjoy contributing and competing.


so here we share about ourselfs???


Why not?


I'm 13 and live in VA I was born in Germany and am learning German as a second language. I will be going to high school this coming year. I have been in a chess club for the past three years and hope to be a part of this one for longer than that. GO TEAM USA.


Hi all, my name is Azamat and I am from Uzbekistan (Central Asia). Currently I am residing in Virginia, US. I am 34 years old.