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Inviting Admin needed

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    Hi all the group is doing great but i think now we need a inviting admin to help to make this group bigger and better so if you can invite each day then put your name down and il consider your request.

    !!!!!Plus all 30 invites will be shared as i also invite to and admins you can invite people you know to that like vote chess it all helps!!!!

    Wink Andrew (malvin)

  • #2
    Hey Andrew. I will do that. I know some people that like vote chess!
  • #3

    great cheers

  • #4

    Well, why don't we ALL invite, instead of just one person? Unless you would like one admin to focus on invites?

  • #5

    no the more the better id say :) great thinking

  • #6

    Can I be admin I know a lot of people that like vote chess like me and might want to join this group.

  • #7

    yes no probs

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