Keti Games

This game was played 13 years ago in the under 16 girls European Championship
It begins with the Nimzowitsch Variation of the Bogo-Indian Defense
The Bogo-Indian honors Grandmaster Efim Bogolyubov, who once said, "When I am White I win because I am White. When I am Black I win because I am Bogolyubov."
Keti played as White.


This is the next game Keti played in under 16 girls European Championship
Keti played the Sicilian Defense and Daria played the delayed Alapin variation.


The third game Keti played in the U16 girls European Championship 2008
This opened with the Petrosian variation of the Queen's Indian Defense



Keti game I stumbled on in the opening explorer today.

This was played in an under 20 match game in 2008 against a 2400 rated player and opened with the Pseudo-Tarrasch:

The blunder in this game was on move 13, moving the wrong bishop. Putting the light squared bishop on g2 gives white a good game. But look at how well Khamrakulov played this game.


WGM Tsatsalashvili Keti - Gokcek Kursat Bugra, K.I.D., Blitz chess, RTU Blitz 2018


WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili - GM Mateusz Bartel