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Lady Luck

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           Those of the highest wisdom have long enthroned Luck as the queen of divine things and of things in general, declaring that all things occur by her command; but we deny that she (Luck) governs the lives of man, and we charge those who worship her with ignorance.  Men have devised the idol Luck as a cloak for their want of understanding. But Luck naturally contends against counsel, and it rules over wisdom with great emnity, or rather they wholly suppress and annihilate wisdom and substitute luck, for wisdom they say, is not lucky, but they celebrate luck as most wise.         PLAY CHESS

  • #2

    I left two dozen 'lucky ladies' in my Russia...

    But in America is scarcity of the 'lucky ladies'...

  • #3

    Greg, all you need is 60 bucks and a ride to West Hollywood !Tongue out

  • #4

    I worked at the West Hollywood a few years ago, at 3-4 Medical Offices, as a Massage Therapist! The glory is a bad thing! Patients wanna eat you alive...


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