Last chance


I need to know how many members want to play in theTeam Romania League matches. (Yes, I know, it's not the best league, but when we have more members, everyone will be able to make proposals for other leagues.) In the first round there were many teams that didn't have at least 5 players, so the organizers restructured format: a single league (no one promotes or relegated) with 12-15 teams. In order to continue participating, we must make sure that we will have 5 players in each match or at least we will try (now it is also the 2 + 1 bullet match)
So all those who have read the forum to comment, please Say "I want to participate in some matches" or "all matches" or "I do not want to participate". The matches will be on Friday, starting at 8 pm (Eastern European Time --- +3.0 GMT) I will try to invite more members by then and I call on all administrators and super-administrators to try to invite a few. Those who participate will be automatically promoted with one degree, in addition to SA, and those who obtain points will be able to be even with two, in addition to A and SA. You will find the news about this league in advance.🙂