LCWL Season 5 Playoff Scenarios


Good day Team USA,

As some of us knows already we lost a tough match last night against Team Philippines. Blitz 82 - 34 and Rapid 56.5 - 25.5. Now let's keep our chins up we still have a chance to get something out of this playoffs. Maybe not promotion because that's most likely going to either Philippines or Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


That's right we have a big chance to win some rewards for our top performers in our team if we stay in the top 3. Now for that to happen we need to win our 2 games vs the Czech Republic. And also a miracle one against Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We need to secure two wins against The Czech republic we did it before and I believe in our team we can do it again. Also if we have more than 50 player participants against Bosnia and Herzegovina then we absolutely have a shot to stay in top 3. 

First-round vs: 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Blitz      -   42 - 46  L
  • Rapid    -   20 - 36  L

The Czech Republic

  • Blitz      -     42.5 - 31.5  W
  • Rapid    -     28.5 - 27.5   W

Let's get these premium prizes - Invite your friends and acquaintances.


I'm always ready, I just need to get lucky with the time that we start


I wonder if we had only 20-30 people our results would be better, because we constantly outrated on lower boards. While I do believe that the more players we have the higher is team motivation (and in general it is good to have more players for USA chess), still..


I invited 5 today



@kot60 I understand your point. I don’t think that’s possible though. It’s great to see each of us play regardless of the ratings. Now what I don’t personally like to see is the number of members that are invisible from our important matches. Now, I get it not everyone are free to play on weekends. But 55-60 average every weekend is extremely low from our 2400+ members. We need to make some changes if we want our team be promoted to division A. Season 6 is not far from now. 


I had the same idea multiple times @kot60.  If we are heavily outrated we should just allow our top players to play their top players.  I don't mind sitting if we have a chance to win that way.  We don't stand a chance to win if we have players who have to play opponents rated 600 points higher.


Guys if I’m not mistaken, pulling people out just to save ourselves from losing is against the LCWL rules. Don’t get me wrong you guys want to play wisely, I totally get it. But in the league we’re playing at it’s against the rules. 


Well, I know it is illegal to pull people out, but, maybe, we should advise our members not to join match if it seems that they will be outrated by more then 150-200 points?


That’s a fair point. I don’t know how our admins feel about that. I’m all in about winning as long as everyone stays happy and are having fun. I feel like as we keep making adjustments we will eventually get in the mix of Div A. This group is new but we have a big potential already.


Here's the relevant portion of the LCWL rules: 

"It is the teams’ responsibility to promote maximum participation in matches. Teams must not restrict participation unless there is a fair reason for doing so (and these reasons are few and far between). Teams should not remove players, or ask players to leave the match or not sign up, to gain a more favourable matchup (e.g. removing lower boards where a team is outrated)."


In other words, there’s no way around it. We recruit more active players. And implement some activities perhaps more arena games to increase participation. Thank you @Dare-Dare.