MCA Club Suggestions


We've been holding USCF rated tournaments every week on Thursday night since the Spring, but there were not enough players for the tournament to start on 10/1. Looking for suggestions on the types of events that people are looking for as part of this club.


Friday may be a better day for many players

A 5 or 10 second time increment helps

Maybe a point system to declare monthly top 3 performers

A small entry fee and prizes will help draw in a lot of people

Since it is online, it will be nice to pull in players from all over, especially neighbouring states..and our peaceful neighbour to the North



I realize this thread is old, but I wanted to chime in to say I agree with Seetru. 


For example, Cranberry Classic, sponsored by progress with chess (dot) org. I'm considering that one for my first tournament back coming up 11.28.20.


Looks like on 8.26.20 they had 25 players. Most from Ohio, but I saw players from California and Virginia too.

8 players in open section
6 players in U1900
5 players in u1500
6 players in u1100


Perhaps a Michigan Invitational?


like a round-robin? we haven't had one since 2018.

Lethal_Knights wrote:

Perhaps a Michigan Invitational?

I think this event would be good to have for MI's top players.

Narcissa_Malfoy wrote:

Perhaps a Michigan Invitational?