Miracles in Islam - Qur'an and Hadith


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In this forum, we want to discuss about miracles in Islam.  

Miracles are signs that God Almighty has given to Prophets in order to guide people to the straight path.  Miracles were extra ordinary acts that were performed by Prophets of God in order to prove to people that they were true messengers sent by Allah (تبارک و تعالی).

For example, when Prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire by his enemies, God Almighty made the blaze of fire cool for him, and he came out of the fire unharmed.  Or, when Prophet Moses (سلام الله علیه) went to Pharaoh of Egypt to guide him, God Almighty gave him the miracle of turning the staff into a serpent.  Also, God Almighty gave Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, the miracles of walking on water or healing the sick as a sign and as a proof for his truthfulness.

Prophet Mohammad (صل الله علیه  و آله و سلم) was also given several miracles as signs for people to be guided to truth.  Some of those miracles were performed during his life time which were observed by the people of his time, such as splitting of the Moon.  Some other miracles were preserved in the verses of Qur'an and in the hadith which we can study them today and investigate about them and receive guidance from them.

Some verses of Qur'an and hadith contain information in them which was absolutely impossible for any human being to know in the 7th. century.



In this forum, inshallah, we plan to look at some of those hadith and verses from Qur'an which are miracles, and are clear signs and proof for any person who is seeking guidance and wants to learn about the truth. 


We plan to gradually examine some of those hadith and verses one by one here on this forum.  If you'd like to follow this discussion and receive notifications, please remember to place a tick at the bottom of this page on the right hand in "Follow" box.


The first hadith to examine is the following:


‘A’isha reported God’s messenger as saying, “Everyone of the children of Adam has been created with three hundred and sixty joints, so he who declares God’s greatness, praises God, declares that He is the only God, glorifies God, asks forgiveness of God, removes a stone, a thorn, or a bone from people’s path, enjoins what is reputable, or forbids what is objectionable to the number of those three hundred and sixty, will walk that day having removed himself from hell.”




The above hadith states that if, during the day, a person performs good deeds equal to the number of joints that are in his or her body, then he or she will not enter the fire of Hell on the day of judgement.  In the quotation, the Prophet mentions that God has created human beings with 360 joints in their body.


As you know, it's not easy to count the number of joints in human body, and the majority of them are hidden from sight.  Some joints in the head and in the vertebra column are so small and intricate that counting them accurately and correctly in the 7th. century was impossible.

Even if you had access to a human corpse and wanted to count the joints correctly, it would not be possible to count them accurately.  The reason is because some of the joints are too small or too intricate to be recognized as joints at that time.

For example, we know that the "Stapes joints" in human ear were only discovered for the first time in 1546 by an Italian professor at the University of Naples.  Also, some "joints such as sutures between the bones of the skull permit very little movement (only during birth) in order to protect the brain and the sense organs." 1

Therefore, people simply did not have access to this type of information at the time of the Prophet.  It was impossible for ordinary people at that time to quote the number of joints in human body precisely and accurately.




This is the link to Wikipedia article about the number of joints in human body:


This is the link to Wikipedia article stating that the "Stapes Joints" were first discovered by an Italian professor at the University of Naples in 1546.


How many versions of the Qur'an are there?


Hi JasRexus.  Thanks very much for your question.  

Actually, I wanted to list more examples of the miracles in Qur'an and hadith, but since there was no reaction to the OP, I decided to stop the discussion.

I'll try to answer your question in the next post.


How many versions of the Qur'an are there?


It depends on what we mean by "version."

In literal text, there is only one single version of the Qur'an with one single meaning.

But, when it comes to pronunciation or recitation of the Arabic language, then we have several versions of the pronunciation or recitations of Qur'an.


Yes, there are different translations of Qur'an in the English language (or in other languages).

But, the translation of Qur'an is NOT considered as "Qur'an."  It's just a translation.

Qur'an is ONLY in the Arabic language, which is the pure and unchanged language that was originally sent down by God Almighty.

The reason for this is because the meaning of a text is often changed or altered when it goes through the process of translation.  Therefore, it was important to preserve the Qur'an in its original format as it was revealed.


so, if we mispronounce, it means that it will be wrong?


For some Arabic words, if we change the pronunciation, the meaning of the word changes.

For example,  consider the letter ج in the word الجنه.

If we pronounce it with fat-hah (فتحه) it means paradise.

But, if we pronounce it with kasrah (کسره) it means jinn.