Month of Ramadhan



Sermon attributed to the Prophet of Islam (صل الله علیه و آله و سلم) on the occasion of the arrival of the Month of Ramadhan:



"Oh people, the month of Allah has come to you with blessings, mercy and forgiveness.  This month is the best month in the sight of God Almighty.  Its days are the best days, its nights are the best nights and its hours are the best hours.  It's the month in which you have been invited as guests of Allah and have received honor from God.  During this month, your breathing is counted as a praise of God, and your sleep is counted as an act of worship.  Your deeds are accepted, and your prayers are answered.  Therefore ask God with pure intentions and with cleansed hearts to succeed in its fasting and in reciting of His book.  Wretched is he who does not receive the forgiveness of Allah during this great month.  In this month, with your thirst and hunger, remember the thirst and hunger of the Day of Judgement. 

Give charity to your poor and hungry; have respect for your elders; have mercy on your children, and pay visit to your relatives.  Hold your tongue from saying inappropriate words; withhold your eyes from seeing inappropriate and forbidden sights; prevent your ears from listening what is wrong to hear, and be kind to the orphans of others so that others will be kind to your orphans after you.

Return to Allah and ask forgiveness for your sins.  Raise your hands in dua during the times of Salat, because they are the best times in which God Almighty looks with mercy at His worshipers, and if they supplicate to Him, He will answer them; if they call on Him, He will respond; if they ask from Him, He will deliver, and if they make dua to Him, He will accept them.

Oh people, your lives are in ransom of your deeds.  Therefore, by asking forgiveness, free them from ransom.  Your backs are heavy by the weight of sins, so lighten your burden by lengthening your prostrations.  Understand that Allah has sworn to His own sovereignty that He will not punish the worshipers and the prostraters of this month, and that He will save them from fire on the Day when people are raised in front of the Lord of the worlds.

Oh people, whoever feeds iftar to a fasting believer during this month, his reward with Allah will be the same as freeing a slave, and his past sins will be forgiven.


(At this point some companions said to the Prophet:  Oh, Messenger of God, not all of us are able to do this.  The Prophet replied:  Free yourselves from the fire of Hell by giving iftar to fasting people, even if it is with half of a date or with a sip of water.)


Oh people, whoever improves himself during this month, he will pass the Serat easily on the Day when the steps will be shaky.  Whoever makes easy the work of his servants during this month, Allah will make for him easy his accounting.  Whoever avoids harming others during this month, Allah will avoid his wrath on him on the Day of Judgement.  Whoever honors an orphan during this month, Allah will honor him on the Day of Judgement.  Whoever visits his relatives during this month, Allah will have mercy on him on Judgement Day.  Whoever cuts his relationship with his relatives during this month, Allah will cut His mercy from him on Judgement Day.  Whoever performs non-obligatory Salat during this month, Allah will write for him deliverance from fire, and whoever performs an obligatory Salat during this month, its reward will be the same as the reward of seventy Salat in other months.  Whoever sends Salawat on me often during this month, Allah will make heavy the light balance of his good deeds on Judgement Day, and whoever reads one verse of Qur'an during this month, his reward will be as if he has read the entire Qur'an during other months."


Source:  Amali by Sheikh Sadoogh