New here!


i am new to the club here, how do I get involved?


Hello ronaldfox and welcome to the DUNE team!

We specialize in playing Fun games otherwise called "Vote Chess Games" at this site. The team matches are great because by joining every new 'Vote Chess Match' you can read all the postings going on from our higher rated team members and suggest a move you would like to see being played. A discussion will take place after you post (below the game) about the moves suggested. You do not have to post, you can just watch if your want. The good news is that by posting or reading what our stronger members post, you can improve your game very quickly. And no rating points nor record of losses are held against you if we lose the match! It's tremendous FUN! All you need to do is join in any new "Vote Chess Match" as they come up.

Every member who is participating in a 'Vote Chess Match' wins a trophy if our side (DUNE) wins. So you have nothing to lose! I also encourage team members to join in Team matches where you do win or lose rating points. If we win a Team Match then every player who won BOTH of their games will be awarded a trophy for that.


Good Luck!  happy.png